“QUOTATION” No.16 発売

by Editor 9月 24th 2013

“QUOTATION” No.16 が発売されました。

次号はLondon Food &Fashion :
ロンドンの“食”と“ファッション” 特集

■London: Where Design Meets Food

Sam Bompas(Bompas &Parr)
David Lane(The Gourmand)
Matt Utber (The Plant)
Jerome Rigaud &Alexandre Bettler(Design Marketo)

FALCON by Morse Studio
CANTEEN by Hudson-Powell
MELROSE and MORGAN by Studio Frith
Nopi/Jerusalem by Here Design

■London × Fashion × People


Lulu Kennedy MBE( Fashion East)
Robb Young
Christopher Raeburn
Christopher Shannon
Holly Fulton
Matthew Miller
Mats Klingberg ( Trunk clothiers &Trunk labs)
Tim Yates (Cabinet)
Ben Olins (Herb Lester)

■Recommended shops &restaurants

■Creative Gallery
Risa Fukui
Shamus Clisset
Dave Foster
Mate Moro
Ralph Lagoi

■Saint Laurent Gallery




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